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The Mars Architecture Workshop is devoted to the exploration of the computational design capabilities applied to Space Architecture. 

The workshop goal is to design a resilient and sustainable infrastructure for human missions on Mars. This new design challenge requires a new design holistic approach, in which computational design plays a key role. Indeed, Space Architecture relies on some fundamental pillars that are intrinsically interconnected: space sciences, engineering, industrial design, ergonomics, medicine, psychology, and art.

Students will be challenged to work in teams within a cross-disciplinary environment at different scales, from urban to architecture and interior design, relying on the knowledge and technologies developed for space applications. A challenge for both space and terrestrial architectures is to consider the relationships between human activities and the resources which support them. 

The Mars Architecture Workshop will bring a new computational design approach, also through advanced structural optimization algorithms, to this design challenge in order to sustainably support human space exploration on Mars.


26th  March 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET | Introduction to Space Architecture: an holistic design approach | Design Thinking Activity on Miro | Mission planning and Architectural layout tutorial in Grasshopper 3D (plugins Kangaroo, Weavebird, OpenNest)

2nd April 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET | Introduction to Inflatable Structure in Aerospace | Tutorial for Inflatable Structures and form-finding (plugins Kangaroo and Karamba 3D, Weavebird)| Project reviews

9th April 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET | Introduction to Radiation Shielding strategies in Space Architecture | Form-finding of the Inflatable Structure and Radiation Shielding (plugins Kangaroo, Karamba 3D, Weavebird, Ameba) | Project reviews

23th April 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET | Adaptive interiors configurations | Grasshopper 3D Tutorial | Project reviews

14th May 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET | Advanced topology optimization of Radiation Shielding using In Situ Resources on Mars| Form-finding and topology optimization (plugins Weavebird,  Ameba) | Project reviews

21st May 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET | Invited Talks by Dr. Ariel Ekblaw (MIT Media Lab – Space Exploration Initiative, USA), Arch. Vittorio Netti (University of Houston, USA) and Prof. Giuseppe Fallacara (Politecnico di Bari, Italy)| Project reviews

11th June 2022 | 2pm-6pm CET | Final Presentations

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